Biomarker Discovery

Proteomics for translational biomarker research

OmicScouts' technologies enable both unbiased biomarker discovery approaches and targeted biomarker discovery/development applications, thereby supporting the translation of basic science into applied clinical research.

  • The ProteomeScout™ technology enables unbiased identification of biologically and clinically relevant biomarkers by combining expert knowledge in sample preparation with shot-gun proteomics (LC-MS/MS) tailored to the project-specific requirements
  • In concert with complementary molecular profiling technologies, such as genomics, our quantitative proteomics technologies enable the identification of disease mechanisms, therapy response markers, companion diagnostics tools as well as potential biomarkers for prognosis and/or diagnosis
  • To facilitate the transition from discovery to application, the BiomarkerScout™ technology provides a targeted mass spectrometry approach towards biomarker discovery and, furthermore, allows the development of flexible, rapid and sensitive assays for biomarker verification
  • Targeted assays can be setup within weeks to months for all kinds of protein classes such as drug metabolism enzymes, cytokines, peptide hormones, oncogenes, kinases, immuno-oncology-related proteins, pathways and signalling sign-posts


Further reading

Gillette, M.A., Carr S.A. (2013) Quantitative analysis of peptides and proteins in biomedicine by targeted mass spectrometry, Nat Methods 10(1):28-34. [Link]


Schematic representation of the biomarker discovery process
Our technologies support the discovery of biomarker candidates and facilitate the translation of discovery results into a clinical setting.