Precision proteomics at the interface of immunology and oncology
  • Targeted analysis of immuno-oncology biomarkers to gain a better understanding of the interplay between the immune system and tumors, to assess therapeutic efficacy and provide a basis for patient stratification (BiomarkerScout™)
  • System-wide analysis of tumor genomes and proteomes to identify unique immuno-oncology targets for antibody-based therapeutics (KinomeScout™, ProteomeScout™, proteogenomics solutions)
  • Comprehensive study of cell surface proteins, secreted and glycosylated proteins to identify potential immuno-oncology targets, novel potential targets for antibody drug conjugate (ADC) cancer therapy or markers for patient stratification (ProteomeScout™, secretome and glycoproteome analysis)


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Lymphocytes attacking a cancer cell
OmicScouts' technologies can be used to study the interplay between the immune system and tumor cells.