Bridge between genomics and biology
  • ProteomeScout™ enables comprehensive and quantitative protein expression profiling for unbiased, proteome-wide target and biomarker discovery
  • Depending on the application and required throughput, tailored proteome analysis workflows are available including deep proteome profiling of up to 10,000 proteins in tissues or cell lines
  • Multiplexing capability for high-throughput (up to 100s of samples)
  • Tailored workflow for all kinds of biological samples such as FFPE or fresh frozen tissues and body fluids
  • Discovery of biomarkers for small molecule, biologics or immune therapy-based approaches for diagnosis, prognosis, stratification, treatment response prediction or companion diagnostics


Further reading

Aebersold, R., and Mann, M. (2016). Mass-spectrometric exploration of proteome structure and function, Nature 537(7620):347-55. [Link]


Heatmap representation of differentially expressed proteins
Quantitative mass spectrometry provides an comprehensive and unbiased view of the proteome and enables unprecendented insights into disease mechanisms and biological systems.