Protein Turnover Atlas

A comprehensive protein turnover atlas for drug discovery
  • Determining protein half-lives is essential for understanding protein dynamics in healthy and diseased conditions
  • Recent small molecule drug discovery progress has led to the advance of new chemical modalities
  • The success, efficiency and treatment frequency of these modalities vary depending on the rate at which the targeted protein is degraded and re-synthesized
  • To facilitate drug discovery and development (e.g., PK/PD modelling), we assembled a comprehensive Protein Turnover Atlas covering more than 14,000 human proteins (>70% of the human proteome) in 30+ diverse cancer cell lines, primary cells, and IPSC-derived neurons relevant for drug discovery
  • The proprietary atlas is available for in-licensing. Get in touch for more information
Half-life distributions across 30 cell lines
Protein half-lives range from <1 hour to hundreds of hours, e.g., for proteins in non-proliferating cells. TRiC complex subunits have been measured highly consistently.