Innovative, system-wide assays to monitor protein activity and function
  • OmicScouts enables access to innovative, system-wide methods to monitor protein activity and function
  • Our suite of more than 15 proteomic technologies and assays allows the dissection of disease phenotypes and their modulation by bioactive molecules at unprecedented resolution and dimensionality
  • We have since established an excellent track record in delivering important results to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic partners
  • Each technology can be scaled up for screening and high throughput profiling campaigns
  • Our LC-MS/MS platform allows for automated and scalable proteomics experiments to process cell biology, biochemical, chemical biology and (pre-) clinical samples
  • Discovery and targeted proteomics supporting all common quantification and data acquisition technologies
  • Our portfolio of technologies can be a crucial factor for drug discovery of protein degraders, molecular glues, covalent compounds, or RNA-targeting modalities (i.e., for novel chemical modalities)


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Proteomics assays to unlock protein activity and function
Biological and pharmacological insights at unprecedented resolution and dimensionality