Targeted quantification of relevant proteins
  • BiomarkerScout™ is a targeted proteomics technology based on Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) and stable isotope labelled peptide standards
  • The technology enables accurate, sensitive and multiplexed quantification of up to hundred selected proteins across hundreds of samples such as cell line panels, xenograft models or patient tissue and body fluid samples
  • BiomarkerScout™ facilitates the translation of pre-clinical discovery results into a clinical setting
  • Together with drug response information, such data can provide the basis for the discovery of predictive protein biomarkers
  • BiomarkerScout™ can also be used to quantify entire groups of proteins such as cytokines, protein complexes, selected pathways, metabolic enzymes, CYP450 oxidases and other drug-metabolizing enzymes


Further reading

Ebhardt, H.A., Root, A, Sander, C., and Aebersold, R. Applications of targeted proteomics in systems biology and translational medicine, Proteomics. 2015 Sep;15(18):3193-208. [Link]


Targeted quantification of proteins
BiomarkerScout allows the accurate and precise quantification of proteins in cell lines, tissue samples and body fluids.