Monitoring drug action on signalling pathways and networks
  • SignallingScout™ enables the comprehensive profiling of dynamic phosphorylation events in up to 100s of samples
  • SignallingScout™ can be used to reveal cellular modes of action for small molecule kinase inhibitors and to identify pharmacodynamic signatures for therapeutic kinase inhibition (i.e. signalling sign-posts)
  • The technology can also support the selection of lead compounds or pre-clinical candidates to maximize on- and reduce off-target activity in cellular conditions, either as single agents or in combination with other drugs
  • Monitoring phosphoproteome regulation in different biological models can reveal factors underlying differential biological activity of lead compounds or preclinical candidates


Further reading

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Schematic representation of cellular signalling pathways
SignallingScout™ enables the comprehensive analysis of signal pathway and network activities in different samples or conditions (e.g. in stimulated or inhibitor treated cells).