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Follow the modifications! DecryptM published in Science
Mar 17, 2023

All actions of a drug can be understood better by understanding its direct interactions with proteins and the downstream effects of such interactions.

With DecryptM we have developed a framework to analyze drug-induced changes in the patterns of the post-translational modifications phosphorylation, acetylation, and ubiquitination; on a proteome-wide level.
For 31 drugs and 14 cell lines 1.8 million dose-response curves were recorded in a concentration- and time-resolved fashion.

The paper itself spotlights some fascinating insights into the mode of action of different drug classes and how they, for example, differ for different cellular make-ups. The dataset decrypts more than fits in a paper and can be interactively interrogated via ProteomicsDB.

We are more than happy to have contributed to this great piece of science. And we're excited to share the findings with the scientific community and look forward to seeing the impact this research and the DecryptM framework will have on drug discovery.

Our warmest congratulations and a big thank you to the entire team!

Reach out to us, if you want to apply DecryptM for your own drug discovery research!


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Find the publication and supplementary material here.

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Zecha, J.; Bayer, F. P.; Wiechmann, S.; Woortman, J.; Berner, N.; Müller, J.; Schneider, A.; Kramer, K.; Abril-Gil, M.; Hopf, T.; Reichart, L.; Chen, L.; Hansen, F. M.; Lechner, S.; Samaras, P.; Eckert, S.; Lautenbacher, L.; Reinecke, M.; Hamood, F.; Prokofeva, P.; Vornholz, L.; Falcomatà, C.; Dorsch, M.; Schröder, A.; Venhuizen, A.; Wilhelm, S.; Médard, G.; Stoehr, G.; Ruland, J.; Grüner, B. M.; Saur, D.; Buchner, M.; Ruprecht, B.; Hahne, H.; The, M.; Wilhelm, M.; Kuster, B. Decrypting Drug Actions and Protein Modifications by Dose- and Time-Resolved Proteomics. Science 2023.