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Study on immunotherapy proteomics
Feb 01, 2020

Together with the Medical University of Vienna, TAmiRNA GmbH, and other partners, OmicScouts published a study on the combined used of proteomics and miRNomics as screening tools for the identification of survival-associated factors from dendritic cell immunotherapy-treated glioblastoma patients. Using our multiplexed ProteomeScout(TM) technology, we identified and quantified 4713 proteins from miniscule sample amounts. Among the quantified proteins, we identified numerous proteins as factor candidates correlated with a dismal prognosis. Taken together, we here mapped possible drivers of glioblastoma outcome under immunotherapy in one of the largest DC vaccination tissue cohorts so far demonstrating the usefulness and feasibility of combined proteomics approaches to predict immunotherapy outcomes.

Read the full NPJ Vaccines articles here.

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